by swaggerblog

Concert Review: SBTRKT Takes Two At NYC’s Terminal 5

For being one of NYC’s largest venues, Terminal 5 felt packed to its limit by the time SBTRKT got their set kicked off.  Perhaps the fact that they started an hour late due to sound issues made the crowd seem larger and more restless, but we in the audience weren’t the only ones annoyed by the delay– SBTRKT’s Aaron Jerome began the show with an exasperated, “I hope this one f*cking works.”  Thankfully his wish came true, and the crowd forgot all their worries by the time Sampha, the other half of SBTRKT, began belting out the second song (the very singalong-able “Never Never”).  Sampha’s soaring vocals and Jerome’s virtuoso drumming merged with the duo’s banging electronics to create a bombastic, dynamic sound that contained the best of both the pop and electronic worlds.  A drunken bro behind me described this phenomenon as “halfway dubstep.”  Whatever sound they produced, SBTRKT had the crowd singing along with them and dancing, the most energetic of which occurred whenever Sampha started playing on his congos and cowbell setup.  The audience’s biggest sign of approval came during the opening notes of hit single “Wildfire”– girls screamed, boys shouted, and everyone in sight raised their hands to the sky.  It was then that SBTRKT, sound issues and all, really brought the house down. –Patrick Lyons