by Cassandra

The 5 First Date Essentials For Every Man

Guys, you’ve gotta come prepared for the first date. You’ll have two hours to impress the lady (or lad!) across the table, and you should not rely on Google’s suggestions for “first date ice-breakers“, because they will not get you laid. Promise. In an effort to secure you a partner when things get chilly, the ladies at Swagger HQ dropped the 5 first date essentials that’ll land you on her priority list.

Grow Some Facial Hair 

(Photo Via: Tumblr)

Ok, so facial hair isn’t for every guy. And even if you have been blessed with the furry-face gene, it can takes a few days to work up that five o’clock shadow. But if you’ve got the DNA, and the time,  do it.  We are OBSESSED with a little scruff, but then again, who isn’t? 

A Good Cologne

And when we’re not talking about Axe or Old Spice. No need to lather yourself in scents, but a nice dab is a must. Keep this age-old adage in mind: A good cologne should whisper and not shout.

Legitimate Shoes 

(Photo Via: Rag and Bone)

Not Asics, or New Balances. Please wear something more legitimate until the third date. Stick to lace up desert boots or break out a really nice monkstrap, or oxford shoe in leather!

 A Playlist She’ll Love

Ain’t nothing wrong with a little small social media stalk session pre-date. Discreetly find out what music your love interest has been streaming on Spotify before you take her out to that fancy resto. In between meals, you can always ask “So, you likin’ that new Mumford and Sons” album? Key.

Add Some Flair With Vintage Accessories 


Vintage is huge right now, and we bet she’s dabbled in a thrift store…or 300. So it’s in your best interest to wear a small but not showy piece that might catch her eye. She’ll ask where you got it and you’ll say, “Well, it’s vintage.” And then she’ll die, just wait.