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‘Sons of Anarchy’ Actor Found Dead, More Nude Kate Middleton Photos Surface + Kreayshawn Only Sells 3,900 Albums

 ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Actor Commits Suicide

‘Son of Anarchy’ Actor Johnny Lewis was found dead earlier this week. Allegedly the actor killed his 81 year old land lady and then himself in a small Los Angeles apartment building.  Some say that Lewis may have been on a new synthetic drug, “Smiles.” Scary.

Brooklyn Nets Cheerleader Uniforms Are A Hot Mess

(Photo Via: NBA Brooklyn Nets)

Feast your eyes on the new cheerleading uniforms for the Brooklynettes, featuring EVERY style mistake you could possibly think of. The new uniform collection includes referee and horizontal black and white striped leggings, sparkly deep v-cut halter tops, cropped top hoodies and spanks. Not. Cute. Mama Knowles, where are you?!

 More Kate Middleton Photos Surface 

More Kate Middleton Topless Balcony Photos in Se Og Hor Magazine

(Photo Via: Se Og Magazine/Egotastic!)

September hasn’t been kind to the Royal Family. Following up on Kate Middleton’s topless photos leaked by Closer, Danish mag Se Og Hor Magazine has released new candid shots, this time featuring Middleton without bottoms. The grainy photos are even worse quality than the originals but still…embarrassing.

Kreayshawn’s New Album There’s Somethin’ ‘Bout Kreay Underwhelms

 The “Gucci” rapper sold 3,900 albums. That’s, like, one album for every person in our apartment building, and that’s it. Yikes.

Japan’s Latest Fad- Bagel Head Injections 

(Via: National Geographic)

Japan may have topped The States when it comes down to their citizens’ obsession with bagels. Though we devour ours first thing in the AM, Japanese body-modification fans are getting saline injections in their heads shaped like bagels. Push your food aside before checking out the video of the procedure below.

Moncler’s Fug Fur Boots

(Photo Via: Moncler)

WHAT?! We’ll throw Moncler some points for attempting to keep our feet toasty in the winter months, but the latest Gamme Bleu Fur Boots to come from their collection are basically a style disaster.