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Guest Contributor: How To KILL A Pixie Cut In 4 Ways

Emma Watson did it for a change; Anne Hathaway did it for a role; Rihanna did it for no good reason we can see other than to look even more AHmazing than normal (which is, admittedly, a feat). For years, ditching fussy princess hair for an elegant, chic or edgy ‘do has been the bold change-up of choice for the world’s leading fashion icons – from Jean Seberg in Breathless to Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby to Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta. Whether you’re still unsure about joining the ranks of the shorn and stylish, or have already taken the plunge into no-muss, no-fuss, no-hair heaven (trust us, it is), we’ve got the top four ways to get the most out of a modern pixie cut:

 Style like a Swan

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Go for necklines that hit just at or below your collarbone for a neck-elongating effect. Clavicles are sexier than cleavage, and with no distracting hair to take away from that flirty dip at your throat, now’s the time to show it off!




Go Bold  

 The fact that you were brave enough to chop all your hair off in the first place already proves you’re more daring than the average dame. Even if you’re going for Audrey Hepburn elegance over Miley Cyrus’s bad girl edge. Complement the simplicity of your new ‘do with a bold print color, or cut. Or, choose one great statement necklace to frame and highlight that part of your anatomy already inherently on display (see #1).



Switch up Your Makeup Routine

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No more hiding behind greasy bangs! Your gorgeous face is front and center now more than ever, so have a little fun styling it. We tend to lean towards super Hollywood glam (a red lip, a smoky eye) as the default choice for revamping a tired beauty routine, but even something as simple as switching from pink to a nude matte (see: Mia Wasikowska’s gorgeously natural lip) can make a big difference in how you see yourself.




 Funk it up!

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Just because you almost have no hair doesn’t mean it has to look the same every day. One of the great benefits of snipping your locks short is the super low amount of maintenance it now requires. That goes for going-out looks as well: wax is every pixie girl’s best friend, used to define longer pieces around the face, add texture, create a sexy bed-head effect, or to slick back for a powerfully sleek look. Just run a small amount through your fingers, pull or rub through your hair, and voila! Far from boring; nothin’ but fierce.



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