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Exclusive: Natalia Kills Wears The Best In Fall Fashion, Causes “Trouble” With Her Sophomore Album

With fall’s breeze cooling the city streets, and New York Fashion Week in full swing, there’s no better time to unveil our fall fashion feature with British pop star, Natalia Kills. In 2011, her debut alum, Perfectionist, commanded much attention abroad, with its singles topping multiple music charts and its racy videos racking up over 25 million views on Youtube. But Kills, who spends her time between NYC, London, and LA, wants something more from her sophomore album — she wants to break the States.

At our Brooklyn loft space, where she blared her new music for hours (it’s less pop-Perfection, more electro-hip-hop-perfection), Kills danced around in an off-the-runway Salvatore Ferragamo pantsuit and leather cap looking like Janet Jackson from Rhthym Nation. She was giddy that this new sound would stick in the New York streets, that its beats and belts, its thumping and threatening, would rile the underground downtown scene. The British pop star is aware that right now is her big chance at superstardom. And from the looks of it, Natalia Kills is ready to murder the American music scene.

 Get tips on the best looks for fall – from cap toe shoes to oxblood hues! – via our shoot with Natalia Kills below. And check out the pop star’s interview with our editor, Sian-Pierre, as well as our behind the scenes video featuring an instrumental track from Natalia Kills’s forthcoming album.

Your single will be coming out in fall. Anything you’ll be looking forward to fashion wise? Any must-haves in fashion?
I just wanna say something very quickly. I fucking hate summer – I hate it. I hate the fucking denim cut-off shorts. I mean, I’ve obviously fallen victim to those a few times in the past — 21, please forgive me god. But, I hate the whole boohoo and I’m not doing my hair today–I hate it. Summer is just an excuse for everyone to be lazy, just the way Christmas is an excuse for everyone to be fat, and I’m much rather be fat at Christmas because that is fun…but I do love the color orange for Fall, which I call “Autumn.”

Tell me about the sound of the new album, how is it different from Perfectionist? 

Kills: Well, I would say this album doesn’t only represent me, I believe it represents the generation that I grew up in. [The generation in which] both parents were working, dealing with their own problems and their own lives, and [we were] being raised in the sort of like age/sex/location chatroom generation of hyper-stimulated curiosity where nothing was off-limits and it was safer to stay out after ten p.m., and say ‘no’ to candy from a stranger, than to actually be in your home with the pedofile on your home computer on the family desktop. And [on the album] I’ve sort of delved into a kind of explanation of my own fucked up-ness, and obviously I’m not saying I blame it all on television and I blame it all on my parents (sorry mom and dad), I’m saying that it’s an explanation of how we can come to being so numb to like everything, and so passive when it comes to love and dismissive of relationships…I don’t want reality but I still crave it. It’s more chaotic, it’s sort of renegade pop, it’s more shouted and screamed than sung. (See video for more)

You have a song called “Trouble” on the new album as well. Are you troubled, or you being a trouble maker? 

Kills: “Trouble” is a love song, and it’s written about my um ex…I set the house on fire…I tried to set the house on fire with me and my boyfriend in it after an argument when I was eighteen. I just want to apologze right now to my management or anyone else who probably would advise me not to say any of this stuff. But I tried to set fire to the house with us all in it after a really big, crazy argument – don’t worry he totally deserved it – and the police came, and of course it was all taken care of and no one got burned to death which is great. And “Trouble” is about that and that kind of moment where I’m kind of like…it’s a love song, I’m warning him, I’m like ‘you know I’m trouble, you know you love it.’ He does, he loves it.

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