by Ariana

News: Why Lipstick Was A Big Deal At The RNC, Carly Rae Jepsen’s Sexy New Look + More

Kim Kardashian vs. Old Navy Lawsuit Settled

Last July, Kim Kardashian’s lawyers filed a lawsuit against Old Navy for-get this-using a model in their ads that looked like Kimmy. Really?! Melissa Molinaro, the Kardashian Doppleganger, appeared in numerous Old Navy ads which, according to KK’s legal team, could cause “confusion in the marketplace.” Hmm, we’re thinking Kim probably just didn’t want to be associated with Old Navy…or with Molinaro, who was dating her ex Reggie Bush at the time. #awk. A year later, an unknown settlement has finally been made to the “mutual satisfaction of both parties.” It is speculated to have been $15-$20 million. (via Fashionista)

Condoleezza Rice’s RNC Speech Was Overshadowed By Lipstick

…But not just any lipstick. The lipstick that was all over her front teeth throughout the entire address that she gave the GOP last night. Although the former Secretary of State hinted at her intentions to run for presidential office in 2016, all that the Twitter sphere seemed to notice was the smeared rouge all over her chompers. Yes, it was bad, but come ON, was there NO ONE there to help a lady out?! (via Gawker)


Carly Rae Jepsen’s Sexy Fashion Magazine Cover 

We often forget that Carly Rae Jepsen is not 14. Or 18. Or even 21, for that matter. Although her music has become a staple on the iPods of many pre-pubescent girls, the 26 year-old singer is a full-grown woman. And, thanks to a recent photo shoot, she finally seems like one. As the cover girl of Fashion Mag’s October issue, Jepsen has finally embraced her maturity and looks absolutely beautiful in a tight Alexander McQueen dress, cheetah stilettos, and sultry, dark makeup. Hate her or love her there’s no denying it; the girl looks GOOD.  (via TheGloss)

This Man is the Dad of the Year

Nils Pickert is no ordinary dad. Then again, Nils Pickert’s son is no ordinary son. The five-year-old boy, who lives in a traditional German town, likes to wear dresses and thinks that nail polish looks just as pretty on boys’ nails as it does on those of girls. (We are with you there!). At first, Pickert’s son was nervous to wear dresses in public, afraid that people would laugh at him, specifically the other boys in his preschool class. Rather than telling him to toughen up or not wear dresses, on “skirt and dress day” Nils suited up in a skirt himself and walked hand-in-hand with his dress-wearing son, causing a town-resident to run face first into a street light. Stare all you want, this little dude is probably the next Marc Jacobs! (via Gawker)

Ann Romney Needs to Get in Her Time Machine and Go Back to the 60’s 

Last night in her speech to the RNC, Ann Romney clearly wasn’t targeting all of America, but simply the women of America. In a slightly uncomfortable attempt to garner the votes of the female population, she spoke of the troubles faced by many women that she had “heard stories of.” (She is a quarter-billionaire, mind you.) She proceeded on by addressing explicitly the mothers of the nation, telling them that she knew what it was like to be the parent that brought the kids to the emergency room, that she knew what it was like to be the parent who knew the doctor’s phone numbers by heart, and that they were the “best of America.” Right, because dad’s aren’t incredible parents too…? See above. Her speech, which grandly alluded to the whole “I am man, serve me and do your womanly jobs,” mindset stuck out to critics, and had us wanting the possible future First Lady to return to the era of the past that she seemingly hails from. (via Gawker)