by Ariana

News: Empire State Building Shooting, Prince Harry’s $1 Million Playgirl Spread + More!

Empire State Building Shooting

(Via: Azi Paybarah Twitter)

Scary things are happening in NYC. Several people were wounded outside the Empire State Building shortly after 9AM following a dispute between two employees that spilled onto the streets, resulting in at least two deaths. The gunman Jeffrey Johnson, 53, was a women’s accessories designer for Hazan and received a pink slip a year prior.  Johnson has been killed by police and investigation is still on going. (via: NYT)

Prince Harry To Pose For Playgirl?

*Sigh* No, unfortunately not. But if the royal was to decide to reveal what those nudie photos did not, it is estimated he would be offered somewhere around $1 million dollars. Those are some valuable crown jewels Harry’s got there. (via Huffington Post)

Uniqlo To Launch E-Commerce

Uniqlo is the Mecca of quality wardrobe staples. We’re talking simple dresses, tops, jeans, coats and pretty much everything else in your basic drawer. Although the Japanese brand only has American stores in NYC, fear not! This September it’s slated for store openings in San Francisco and New Jersey, and they’re even planning on launching E-Commerce. Middle America, say arigatou. (via Fashion Indie)

Lululemon Is Suing Calvin Klein

When Calvin Klein and their manfacturer G-III Apparel were accused of infringing on three of Lululemon’s design patents, things went sour. Lululemon filed suit on August 13, claiming that CK was producing two styles of athletic pants that contained Lululemon-patented design elements (the waistband and two specific pant-styles). Calvin Klein has removed both styles of pants named in the suit from their website, which signals that CK might be thinking of settling. Sometimes lemons just don’t make lemonade. (via Fashionista)

‘Vajazzle’ Is Now In The Oxford Dictionary Online

For those of you unfamilliar with vajazzles (do you live under a rock?), they have recently been defined in the Oxford Online Dictionary:
–vajazzle, v.: adorn the pubic area (of a woman) with crystals, glitter, or other decoration.
Other words that were also recently added include ‘tweeps’ as in Twitter followers, ‘totes’ as in “I’d totes do Prince Harry,” and ‘lolz’ as in…lol pluralized. What is this, the dictionary for airhead teeny boppers?! (via Huffington Post)

News Anchor Asks Weather Woman To ‘Canoodle’ On Air

…and she shuts him DOWN. Watch our favorite silver fox Anderson Cooper poke fun at the woohoo-seeking news anchor who made one of the most hilarious blunders on live television:

(via CNN)