by Ariana

News: The Internet’s Search For Naked Prince Harry Photos, The Obama Vs. Fashion Face Off + More!

What Do FNO, Obama, Taylor Swift and Madonna Have In Common?

September 6, that’s what. On the first Thursday of the month, Fashion’s Night Out is set to take over Manhattan, President Obama will be delivering a speech, Taylor Swift will perform at the VMAs, and Madonna will perform at Yankee Stadium. Us Manhattanites have some big decisions to make, as does Anna Wintour, who is both an avid supporter of Obama and the self-appointed Queen of FNO. Cue invention of cloning machine. (via TheCut)

 The Sartorialist Goes Collegiate?

When starting a street style website, it’s probably not smart to choose a name that is already in use by a really, really, REALLY famous and powerful industry pro. This bit of wisdom was clearly not imparted upon Robert Wainblat, who titled his college street style blog Campus Sartorialist. Although Scott Schuman of legendary blog The Sartorialist commends Wainblat for his unique and smart take on a street style website, he is requesting a name change to take place, so that confusion about a possible relationship between the two blogs does not occur. Knowing Schuman, things could’ve gotten wayyyy more catty. (Via The Daily Beast)

 Taylor Swift’s “Never Ever” Is Record Breaking

Whether or not you love or hate Taylor Swift, there’s no denying that her newest single, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” is an infectious summer jam that is being hummed by everyone and being played everywhere. Its popularity was cemented yesterday, when it made a record-breaking entry in the Billboard Digital Songs chart by scoring the biggest digital sales week ever for a song by a female artist, kicking Gaga out as the previous record holder. Vogue cover or not, Gaga’s finally been trumped, and by country twang nonetheless. (Via Yahoo News)
Brian Atwood Ads Banned From Madison Avenue & Taxi TVs

Yes, that’s right, Atwood’s latest ads featuring the gorgeous Candice Swanepoel have been deemed too racy for both the facade of Atwood’s Madison Ave store and the mini-TVs in the back of New York cabs. We had a hard time believeing the adverts could really be explicit, yet after watching the video clip in which scantily-clad lounging men and women strip off their clothes and proceed to engage in some nudey body-rubbing a la Prince Harry, we understood how they might be slightly inappropriate for the general public. Hot, but inappropriate. (via Huffington Post)
Charlotte Ronson’s NYFW Show And After Party Will Be Sponsored By A Drug Rehab Center

Because apparantly fashionistas like their prescription drugs?  (Via Fashionista)

Prince Harry Owns The Internet

After UK’s baddest boy had his bum camera-phoned to the world, the internet went haywire. From looking at our stats, we’ve concluded the following: People really love Prince Harry. And people are filthy.