by Ariana

After His Naked Vegas Photos Leak, We Admit Our Friend Crush On Prince (Not So) Harry

To all of the Prince Harry haters, shunners, tisk tisk-ers and judgers out there…get real and get over it. While much of the world spent this morning with their hands over their mouths, in shock that any monarch would ever let his itty bittys hang all loose, we here at Swagger chortled. And joked. For Harry is kinda sorta like our friends here in the 212 (ok, fine, he has crown jewels and the like, but still!). Upon seeing the camera-phoned photos, we were reminded of some of our own batshit crazy party nights from Meatpacking to Williamsburg, lucky that no one cared enough to put our butts on blast.

Think about it. The guy, no, the MAN (27 years-old for goodness sake!) was vacationing in Vegas, aka Sin City, when these photos were snapped. He was drunk, he was horny, and he was sloppy. So what if a little hotel horesplay ensued, we’re sure he wasn’t expecting some naked woman to exploit his privacy in his own hotel room! Oh, the horror! Most dudes would get a pat on the back for such a wild soiree. Not Harry, we imagine that once he realized what happened, his cheeks turned the shade of his, umm, chest hair. (But Harry – if you’re reading – instead of a pat from behind, you got a naked hug! So, really, you came out on top here).

Between his pot smoking incident back in 2002 (after which he went to REHAB for a day. C’mon now, really?!), his undeniable lady skills (prince or not) and his evident knack for knowing how to throw one helluva party, our favorite ginger really sounds like the friend everyone only wishes they had. The Royal with royal balls. Just ask Ryan Lochte…