by swaggerblog

I’ll Pass On Justin Bieber And Taylor Swift on Fashion’s Night Out, Thanks.

Dear Anna Wintour,

I’m not sure when Vogue became Tiger Beat, but don’t you find something very concerning about allowing seventeen year old Justin Bieber to be the most visible face of your big night in fashion? In a just released video message, the Biebs asks his tween fans to “bring your friends, I’ll bring my friends, and we can totally hang out.”

Since when was FNO about mussed up ten year old girls hanging with Selena Gomez’s boyfriend? Wasn’t this a Vogue initiative, not a Seventeen one? For years, you’ve heralded FNO as a night for those who live¬†for fashion, those who appreciate the fine wools and exorbitant price tags of the shawls, skirts, and suits you shill in your magazine…right?

Not anymore, I guess. Now, it’s just about bringing little girls’ allowances to the cash register. And don’t get me wrong, that’s great! I’m stoked my little sister and her gaggle of teen girlfriends can head down to the MPD and spend their cash on a Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet. New York’s economy could sure use the infusion of dollars.

But what’s amazing about this whole stunt is that Vogue‘s still hyping this night up as a must-do event, even though your Vogue readers (especially those in New York) have no interest in hanging with Taylor Swift or the Disney crew. Young people can love fashion too, I know, but admit this whole FNO thing is way more about money at Macy’s than Miuccia at Prada!

Really, this whole FNO-change up is all good! just a quick reminder to call out extra security this year because kids aren’t as classy as we adults, you know. There’s no question that they will stamp and claw their way to “hang” with Biebs. Will they actually buy a bag, however? Well, the jury’s still out.