by swaggerblog

Exclusive Interview: Maluca Mala Is Ready To Explode

“After this cigarette, I’m gonna bring it. Just watch!” said Maluca Mala shortly before our four hour photoshoot in a small SoHo studio. The underground sensation had just landed from Italy, where she performed in front of an audience of nearly 10,000 people. She needed some energy.

It’s been some time since Maluca Mala (meaning “naughty girl” in Spanish) has been in the game. Her last mixtape, China Food, dropped back in 2009 and it took her across the globe where fans vibed off of its reggaeton-driven tracks. Since then, however, she’s been laying low, figuring out “next steps.”

Over the last few months Mala has begun to ramp things up, opening for Azealia Banks at the Mermaid Ball and finishing up with her newest mixtape, out this fall. We shot Maluca in July with the bright colors and light fabrics of midsummer in mind. True to her word, she brought all the energy.

Watch our short film and short interview clips below, and look out for Maluca Mala’s new music this fall!

Swagger New York’s interview with Maluca Mala was done in partnership with the Creative Council by UGG Australia!