by Ariana

The News You Need to Know: Ryan Lochte Loves Women In White Denim, Anna Wintour joins Glee, + More!

Ryan Lochte On Women In White Pants

As if you didn’t already know, Ryan Lochte has been cleaning up at the Olympics in his those itty bitty speedos, with those less than itty bitty abs of steel (Note: The largely female Swagger staff is not complaining). Something you may not have known, however, is that Lochte prefers a woman in a pair of skinny white denim jeans. Shortly after the swimmer dished his fetish to Women’s Health, our Editor established a White Denim Wednesday rule at our offices. He wants one of us to be the lucky girl! (via Women’s Health)

Rick Ross’ Insatiable (Lyrical) Appetite

From SpaghettiOs to yogurt, Grey Poupon to Whoppers, Rick Ross has made his fair share of food-related references in songs throughout the years…over 122 references, to be exact. So it was no surprise to see that on his new album, God Forgives, I Don’t, is a song entitled “Diced Pineapples.” Make that 123. (via

NBC Under Fire For Olympic Coverage

The main news network broadcasting the London 2012 games across America is being criticized for editing its coverage to focus too heavily on domestic athletes. Although the Olympics is a global event, NBC has continuously replaced the trials of foreign athletes with those of domestic competitors, as well as clips of American athletes lunching, talking about their lucky towels, and relaying their oh-so-touching family stories. NBC, we already know how great our country is, no need to go all propaganda on us! (via

Anna Wintour joins Glee

No, unfortunately Ms. Wintour won’t be joining Glee as the newest member of the New Directions choir (though we’d kill to see her belt a song and whip out some moves on national television). Instead, she is going to serve as the stylist for Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, who is joining the cast temporarily as the editor of Vogue. Hmm, might we have a reason to actually start watching the show again? (via Refinery29)