by swaggerblog

G-Star Raw Denim Atelier: Make Your Own Jeans From Scratch!

We LOVE denim. Some would even call us denim hoarders. Jean headbands, button downs, pants and jackets line our closets, waiting to one day be rocked together (is all-denim-everything really such a fashion faux-pas?!). So when G-Star Raw invited our Editor, SP, to custom design his own pair of jeans at its custom design shop in SoHo, the entire office did a small dance. The jeans have a raw selvage base, but otherwise are totally customizable: get ’em hemmed to fit you right, choose between gold, brass, or silver buttons and a brown, white or black leather jean tag. The slim cut of the 3301 denim is super-fresh and the red stitching along the jean a subtle pop of color! The Atelier’s making its way across the country, so look out for it in your city! Until then, be VERY jealous of our Editor…send him hate mail even, he likes that!