by Kimani

DIY For Guys And Girls: Acid Wash Denim Vest In 15 Minutes

Wanna stay on-trend but not break the bank? Well then follow our series of DIYs that’ll keep you on-budget and bangin’! First up: The Acid Wash Vest.


1.) Anything you want to dip dye, or acid wash! This time around, we opted to recreate an old jean jacket of from our Editor’s closet. (Note: We cut the sleeves off before beginning)



1.) Pour bleach onto the item with regard to how you want the final acid-wash pattern to look. We decided to use the dip-dye formula, applying the bleach from the bottom up toward the middle of the jacket. But if you wanna go crazy, bleach the entire item, or specific parts to bring out a special design! We recommend bleaching outside so the fumes won’t kill ya, and to keep the bleach low to your item so it doesn’t splash all over the place!

2. Wait 15 minutes for the bleach to soak through the garment. Missed a section? No problem! Lightly pour remaining bleach onto missed portion, making sure to not re-pour over your original bleach job!

Yes, it’s that easy! No need to pay $100s of bucks for something you can do at home! You can do the simple DIY on ANYTHING: Check out our girl Lindsay Cohen with her Acid Wash PANTS!

Send us photos of your best bleached duds, we’d love to see them! Xo