by Kimani

DIY Denim Jeans Into Neon, Cutoffs and Dip Dye For Summer!

Do you have a spare pair of Levi’s you just don’t love anymore? Or are you sitting on winter shorts that just don’t scream summer pizzazz? No need to return ’em or give ’em over to Goodwill just yet, Swagger’s about to breathe life into your denim world! Here are 3 different ways to make those BORING jeans POP:

+Distress/Fray Your Shorts into Cutoffs!

– Stanley Knife
– Shorts
– Scissors


– Put on your jeans and mark how short you want to cut them.

– Take ’em off and cut ’em from the seam inward. Make sure to leave a little fabric inside the leg at the crotch.

– Put them on and see if the length is wearable and comfortable. Alter length if necessary.

– Lay the shorts flat and use the Stanley knife to make a series of horizontal cuts,in whichever form or fashion you find dope. Be sure to move the pockets out of the way, you don’t want to cut them!

– Put the shorts in the washing machine on a normal wash. The movement of the wash will really bring out the frayed white threads.

– Repeat the cutting and washing steps until you’re satisfied.

+ Make Dip Dye Shorts!


– Shorts

– Bleach

– Vinegar

– Water

– Bucket


– Mix two parts water, one part bleach into a bucket.

– Dip the shorts into the bucket at your desired length. Hold the shorts there for about 15 minutes or find something to hold ’em up for you!

– After they display the desired shade of white (it may take a few dips to get it exactly how you want it), remove and soak in a sink or bathtub filled with two parts water and one part vinegar for five to ten minutes. This will stop the bleach from continuing to eat at your shorts!

– Let dry completely, and you’re done!

Special Note: The first time you wash them, put them in the dryer ALONE to prevent staining other clothes. After the first dry, they can be placed in other loads.

3. Turn Your Shorts NEON!


– Shorts
– Fabric Dye in a BRIGHT color
– Bleach
– Gloves


– Fill your bucket with half water and half bleach. Submerge your shorts in the bucket for around 20 minutes, but not more than 30! Swish the shorts around in the water using your gloves.

– Rinse the shorts with clean, cold water and discard the bleach water from the bucket. Put the shorts in the washing machine to discard any extra bleach, and then let dry thoroughly.

– Follow the specific instructions on your fabric dye (the ingredients change depending on the bottle), and mix in a contained area that’s OK to get messy. Let shorts soak in bucket for about 20 minutes, stirring them with a spoon.

– Run the shorts through water and once they rinse clear, give them one last dry cycle.

Be sure to try out these summer short styles, and send in a picture when you’re done! We’d love to see them. Xo!

Marie Osmond’s agony as teenage son leaps to his death in LA.(News)

Daily Mail (London) March 1, 2010 Byline: Mail Foreign Service MARIE OSMOND has been left ‘devastated’ after her son leapt to his death from an apartment block.

Michael Blosil had fought a long battle with depression.

In a suicide note, the 18-year-old said the condition had left him feeling as if he had ‘no friends and could not fit in’.

Miss Osmond, 50, was being comforted by her brother Donny and other family members, who have flown to Las Vegas where she is currently performing. this web site marie osmond wedding

In a brief statement Miss Osmond said: ‘My family and I are devastated and in deep shock by the tragic loss of our dear Michael.’ She has cancelled the nightly variety show she performs with her brother Donny at a Las Vegas hotel indefinitely.

Michael, the second oldest of her five adopted children, fell from the top floor of his ten-storey apartment block in central Los Angeles.

Neighbours reported hearing a thud around 9.30pm on Friday evening and his body was found on the pavement.

Police found the suicide note in Michael’s [pounds sterling]1,700-a-month flat on the eighth floor.

While the young man had been treated at a rehab centre for an undisclosed condition when he was 16, friends told investigators he was now clean and sober. At the time, Miss Osmond had spoken proudly of her son.

She said: ‘My son Michael is an amazing young man, shown through his courage in facing his issues.’ The teenager was one of eight children Miss Osmond raised with her ex-hus-band Brian Blosil. Their marriage ended two years ago. here marie osmond wedding

She had one son from her first marriage to basketball player Stephen Craig in 1982, and two others with Blosil. The couple also adopted five children, now aged from eight to 23.

Michael had recently moved to Los Angeles after enrolling as a student at the The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Previously he had attended a high school in Las Vegas while his mother was based in the city.

In keeping with the family tradition of performing, Michael had played drums during some of her performances.

An autopsy was due to be completed yesterday with police carrying out an investigation into his death.

The Samaritans can be contacted on telephone number 1850 60 90 90 CAPTION(S):

Support: Donny Osmond Memories: Marie Osmond with her son Michael in 1998