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How To Turn Your Winter Wear Into A Spring Fashion Hit

We found a solution to your winter-into-spring wardrobe problems with the help of some of our fave street style professionals. Take a look at how some of our friends found ways to skip shopping lines by using their winter wares.

Twist thin scarves and wear it around your waist as a belt. 

keahi lani

Crop your sweaters in half for a laid back albeit chic look.

Chop the sleeves off your favorite screen print long sleeve shirt. 

Post image for Beyonce's Right Hand Man - Jorge Wright

Don’t throw out your jeans just yet, before  you kick ’em to the left crop them into shorts. You’ve already broken the jeans in, so they’ll be a perfect fit!

Post image for A Neck-Breaker - Jessica Worrell

Save your favorite cheeky sweater and pair it with over the knee socks.

Post image for Skins' Pop-Punk Princess - Elizabeth Ammerman