by Susan

VOTE: Who’s The Dapper Dude Of The Week?

We love seeing Hollywood’s favorite leading men out and about, decked out in their finest fashions – it’s like Awards season all year round! But recently, it seems that the silver screen’s stars have got a bit of competition from our fashion mistas on the streets! Who do you think looks most dapper? Vote for Swagger’s “Dapper Dude” of the week!

+Jonah Hill’s really stepped up his game lately, no? And we’re not just talking about all the nominations he racked up for Moneyball this year. The dude looks good, and he’ll be hosting SNL tomorrow night too…snaps for Jonah!

+Perhaps one of the biggest shocks of this week was when Shia LaBeouf was spotted out and about on a coffee run. Check out the new ‘do he’s rockin’…on his face! Looks like LaBeouf’s going for an ultra-hipster-Bon-Iver-look with that beard and cardigan.

+Ahh…but then there’s Show Nomura. Our favorite break dancer who danced in and out of our minds with his plaid blazer and a nifty little bow-tie!

+And last but not least, Ebeneezer Sowah. Make room for this aspiring actor, who rocked an all-brown, rugged look on his way to an audition. The man looked fresh in monochromatics from head to toe.