by Kimani

DIY: Get Velvet Nails In 3 Easy Steps!

Forget Minx, velvet is fast becoming the new trend on the NYC streets! When MAC makeup artist Keri Blair debuted the nail art at Ruffian’s spring runway show, women went wild. Now, Tumblr’s frenzied with DIY manuals that’ll show you how to crush some velvet in no time. We’ve taken notes and below you’ll find the easiest and cutest way to vamp up your fingertips in a snap. Learn fast because MAC’s said to be releasing it own velvet line soon!


-Faux nail set (you can use your real ones, but it’s more practical to use faux ones!)

– Nail polish that matches the color of your flocking powder

– Heated and Cured Flocking powder (sold at craft stores nationwide)


Step 1: Brush clear polish over the nails
Step 2: IMMEDIATELY coat with lots of flocking, then allow to dry
Step 3: Shake any remaining flocking off.