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Iggy Azalea’s been making the rounds this week, releasing the video for her new single “Last Song” and snagging a verse on the Diplo-produced track, “I Think She Ready.” But just before all the recent blog-buzz began – another white girl rapper! Kreayshawn vs. Azalea vs. Azealia! – the Australian-born rapper chatted with us about her love for fashion, fried chicken, and flowing. Throughout the interview, we felt like we were only scratching at the surface in the discovery of Ms. Azalea.What makes her special? Is she all looks and no hooks?

Interestingly, she gives us no straight answers, and doesn’t quite engage in-depth conversation. Perhaps she’s busy – things are only beginning to heat up for the her – or maybe all Azalea can give her fans at this point is the “surface.” The Snoop Dogg endorsed spitter is not yet signed, and as she says in the interview, she and her team are still figuring out her “overall direction.” We’re not sure about Azalea’s staying power – she’s only released her mixtape Ignorant Art – but  we sure as hell know homegirl can rock a studded moto-jacket like no other! Check the interview, listen to her new track, “Iggy in Moscow”, and come to your own conclusions about the hyped-rapper below:


 You told Complex that mentors of yours once said that you needed to learn to “rap like a girl.” What’s that mean, exactly?

When you listen to men rap all day long you can start to sound ‘hard’ and too masculine.

So, you rap harder than most women then? Well, the video for “My World” was definitely your breakout. Was its over-the-top-ness intended as a response to the oft-asked question, “Who exactly is Iggy Azalea?”

As for the video being a ‘response,’ definitely not. Maybe it just appeared that way to the public because the video provided another piece of information about me as an artist and allowed a lot of people to decide if they were fans or not.

Well, many people haven’t seen your earlier videos… Two Times, for example. That was a very sexual release, but it was also creative with the stop motion. Think it’s dangerous for a female rapper to be so overtly sexual early on in a career? Or is it just societal BS?

If I thought it was I wouldn’t have done it…

Hmm. Ok. Well, let’s talk your style! It’s top-notch. (The hair! The studded moto jackets! The red lip!) What’s the must-have fashion item for you right now?

One trend I’m seeing and think is a great item for winter is the knit sweaters with leather arms. I love the Phillp Lim one but ive also seen H&M and the more affordable places do their takes on this item too, so there are versions out there to fit someone on a budget…warm and fashionable.

You’ve been spotted in NYC a couple times recently, just never performing. What’s the deal with the visa, and your upcoming 2012 tour. Can you give us any deets, especially when it comes to your NYC show?

I actually performed 5 shows at the CMJ music festival not too long ago in NYC… Lately, I’ve been in and out having meetings and stuff… I will be doing some more New York dates in March. As for the visa and tour, I can’t comment until both are confirmed.

Ok, well when you’re here, got any fave NYC spots you need to check out?

The only places I’ve eaten out at in NYC are fried chicken spots in Harlem at 3am. Haha. As far as bars and clubs, that’s not really my scene… I spend most of my free time at home in pjs!

Ready yet to talk the new album? You recently tweeted that you’re “better than Ignorant Art” these days. What will we hear on The New Classic?

I can’t really say, I’m still in the early creative stages of making the album…overall direction etc. is by no means set in stone yet…