by swaggerblog

The Boy Behind The Blind Barber – Jeff Laub

At just 27, the boyishly good-looking Jeff Laub has re-invigorated NYC nightlife. As part owner of the East Village hotspot, The Blind Barber, Laub fused the concept of a good shave with a good time and, as expected, everyone’s jockeying for both a table and a cut. On the heels of his new Dockers campaign, and a feature in Refinery 29 as NYC’s Most Eligible Bachelor, we took some time out for a drink and a chat about style.

On The Blind Barber:

The Blind Barber is a home. Whether you’ve been there one time or 100, we treat everyone the same. When I was younger and friends would stop over to my house, my mom would always say “It’s very nice to meet you, would you care for anything to drink? Here are the cups, here are the drinks, here’s the food, you’re on your own, now you’re family.” And that’s the vibe we give off at The Blind Barber. Welcome.

On The Best Nightlife Nights:

Tuesday and Thursdays are two of the best nights in the City. Each night is different at BB ; Tuesday’s music is older indie and electro rock while Thursday is that hip night, when all the younger bucks come out to party.

On The BB Experience:

Expect a cultural experience, with great conversation and an awesome and clean cut.

On Style:

I’m not very adventurous in that i’m a jeans and t-shirt guy. But trust that I want you to notice the stitches on the jeans ! I shop at thrift stores and Goodwill, but no matter what size the clothes are, if i notice they’re my style (a unique color, etc), that’s the stuff I get tailored to fit me. And that’s my advice for most guys, take 15 minutes to make something with a great look fit you.

On Dockers:

We were approached to work with Dockers for the Alpha pant – they’re work pants with style. At The Blind Barber, we do haircuts and shaves and aim to redefine what a barbershop is these days. The Dockers team up was perfect because we, like them, are redefining classic businesses and cultures.

On The Best Year Of His Life:

27’s been the best year of my life. It’s been exhausting to be “on” 24 hours a day, but I’ve been very fortunate to meet a hell of a lot of people. I’ve been able to create with them and be inspired by them. And it’ll only get better.